If you’re among the more than 71% of American adults who are overweight, weight management services can help you shed pounds and improve your health. Functional medicine expert Shirley Olson, NP-C, IFMCP, and the team at Ridgway Center for Whole Health regularly provide weight management services to adults. Take the first step toward healthy weight loss by making an appointment. To begin, call the office and speak with a friendly staff member or book online today.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Our Medical Weight Loss Program uses medication along with lifestyle change and ongoing support from a Health Coach to give you a safe, successful, and sustainable weight loss experience over the course of 6-12 months.

Peptide weight loss medications have gained considerable popularity owing to their impressive ability to assist in achieving the desired weight through suppressing appetite, enhancing metabolism, and reducing food intake.

However, relying solely on medication for weight loss is not a panacea for all your concerns. It is merely one of several tools in your weight management arsenal, and sustainable weight loss requires using medication alongside healthy lifestyle habits and receiving guidance from an experienced medical team.

Get to your goal weight using medication and lifestyle change.

Comprehensive Program

Achieve your desired weight in the short term with the aid of medication, while establishing healthy habits to maintain long-term weight loss. Our comprehensive program combines medication with lifestyle modifications and continuous medical support, ensuring a safe, successful, and lasting weight loss journey spanning 6-12 months.

Medication –

Our skilled team will assist you in selecting the optimal medication that complements your body and biochemistry. Furthermore, we will carefully monitor for any possible side effects and guarantee your overall safety throughout the entire treatment process.

A thorough medical assessment will be conducted to determine the most effective peptide medication for managing weight loss, glucose metabolism, and insulin resistance, such as Ozempic (Semaglutide) or Mounjaro. Monthly prescriptions will be written, with dose adjustments made as needed. You will also receive guidance on how to self-administer injections.

Optimize Health –

Step 1: Reduce toxins from your body for a cleaner, healthier you. Step 2: Through lifestyle change, you have the potential to wean yourself off of medication and successfully maintain your weight loss over time.

Support –

We will help you set realistic and attainable goals for your nutrition, exercise habits, and stress management, and help you make an actionable plan to reach them.

We will request that you schedule monthly visits with Nurse Practitioner, Shirley Olson for review of current weight, nutrition and exercise program to help you to stay on track and correct or prevent some of the potential negative side effects of peptide therapy that can occur if not managed properly. We will also discuss medication adjustments if your weight loss slows down.

Your laboratory levels will also be monitored periodically, with blood counts, liver and kidney function, and cholesterol/lipid monitoring included in the analysis.

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