Sean E.
Submitted 10/25/22
Best Dr. And medical care I’ve ever had.

John E.
Submitted 09/04/22
As always, Shirley was delightful. She understands me. Thus, her treatment plans make sense to me and they are effective. She keeps me healthy. Shirley gives me the best medical care I could possibly imagine.

Connie T.
Submitted 09/02/22
Shirley has always been great and easy to talk to about my health and any questions I have. I like her natural approach to health and well being.

Randi C.
Submitted 08/26/22
Always enjoy my visits with Shirley, as she is truly interested in my health.

Val O.
Submitted 08/19/22
Thank you so much for all your help and caring so much. ❤️

Mitchell H.
Submitted 08/18/22
Always a great experience at appointments

Submitted 07/07/22

Christine N.
Submitted 07/06/22
Shirley takes a proactive approach to healthcare. She utilizes comprehensive bloodwork, nutritional evaluation and considers diet, exercise, meditations, and other modalities to assist patients in attaining optimal health. Her wealth of knowledge and willingness to keep up with peer reviewed studies inspires confidence. Shirley encourages her patients to participate in structuring the decisions needed to maintain good health. I feel that I have input. She intuitively knows what my own capabilities and limitations are in charting my personal regimen, and questions are encouraged at any time.

Mark G.
Submitted 06/12/22
Shirley as always shows a genuine interest and concern for my well-being. We approach care as a partnership between patient and provider.

John E.
Submitted 05/20/22
Shirley and her staff are extraordinary. I had a health condition which required immediate attention. They were able to arrange it for me. This was no mean feat! In fact, most thought it would be impossible. However, they were successful. Shirley provides the best medical care imaginable.I feel fortunate to be one of her patients.

Leah V.
Submitted 05/19/22
Good as usual! Shirley is thorough and compassionate.

Hannah M.
Submitted 05/19/22
Amazing Dr and staff love that I can get a hold of someone by text or call and they are alway so helpful

Jane Z.
Submitted 05/18/22
Shirley listens and responds with compassion, insight, knowledge and understanding. She is high on the scale for respecting my quirks and shortcomings, and gets right to the point of helping me get well – that’s a lot.

Susan J.
Submitted 03/31/22
I always learn something when talking with Shirley, and appreciate the guidance to help me fine-tune my health plans.

Rachel K.
Submitted 03/30/22
Discussed and set up plan for health maintenance

Cheryl H.
Submitted 03/10/22
To the point. Satisfying

Marian A.
Submitted 03/09/22
Caitlin was through and covered alot of ground in an expeditious manner. I’m really pleased to be seeing her! She gave me good advice on some orthopedic issues I’m having and I’m very grateful for that as I i’m not scheduled to see the ortho until later in the month! I was really pleased that I was able to see her summary of my visit — which really helps me know what I need to do next and keep an eye on!!

Wil H.
Submitted 03/09/22
She is fantastic! She took the time to listen to my needs and helped me out with them. Would highly recommend her to anyone need healthcare.

Val O.
Submitted 03/09/22
I’m so pleased to have a doctor that cares. Thank you so much!

Janet R.
Submitted 02/18/22
I always feel cared for at Ridgway Whole Health.

Kathy C.
Submitted 02/11/22
My experience was excellent! Shirley is very caring, complete, and explains things in a way that even I can understand them. Thank You!

Julie B.
Submitted 02/03/22
Very thankful for the time she takes with me. The depth that she looks at all my issues and the care that she gives. She is one of the best that I have ever had, to look after me!

Janet J.
Submitted 01/29/22
Very welcoming staff and Shirley was attentive to my needs. I highly recommend Ridgway Center for Whole Health

John E.
Submitted 01/28/22
Shirley is amazingly insightful. She has resolved many issues for me. She is sensitive and kind. Her staff are well trained and a delight. While I do not want to waste my time with medical issues, I always enjoy seeing Shirley.

Linda C.
Submitted 11/11/20
Thanks Shirley for taking so much time with me. Lots of quality time and care.

Karen C.
Submitted 11/10/20
I am feeling very hopeful after my first in person visit and one zoom visit. Shirley is very attentive and zooms in on different factors that seem to be parts of the puzzle of my digestive, headache issues. The staff are all very friendly yet professional and efficient. Thanks to everyone!

Sarah R.
Submitted 10/29/20
I got my thyroid and COVID test! It was easy. Thank you

Shaina M.
Submitted 10/14/20
Always very happy with me and explains everything to where I understand!

Deanna S.
Submitted 10/13/20
Very informative!

Tamara G.
Submitted 09/22/20
Shirley Olson takes the time to listen and evaluate my health in a holistic approach and comfortable environment. A much better experience than the usual traditional doctor visits I have experienced throughout the decades.

Jane Z.
Submitted 09/10/20
If you’re interested in getting to the bottom of what’s going on with a medical issue, Shirley is your practitioner. She’s a researcher with excellent medical and intuitive skills, a great heart, and an attentive listener.

Catherine A.
Submitted 09/10/20
Personalized and caring service.

Cheryl H.
Submitted 09/10/20
Coming to Shirley’s practice was the best decision ever. She works hard to give quality care. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and cares deeply for her patients welfare. I’d give more stars if I could!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Michael S.
Submitted 06/17/20
It was very nice and refreshing to have a doctors visit that did not feel like a typical doctors visit.

Rita M.
Submitted 05/28/20
Shirley Olson is very knowledgeable and willing to work with you to meet your goals. Clean facility. Promptly answered the email I sent. Very satisfied.

Kathy B.
Submitted 05/27/20
Shirley is doing this because she cares!!!!

Linda R.
Submitted 05/20/20
Ms Shirley is the real deal. Professional and knowledgeable in every area of health. Really appreciate her and her staff

Taylor C.
Submitted 05/17/20
Thanks to Shirley for your in-depth conscientious help and support! I am grateful to know in these uncertain times that I have a partner helping me look out for all aspects of my health.