Meet Shirley Olson, NP-C, IFMCP

Functional Medicine has proven to be key in helping people heal imbalances by finding the root cause and providing tools to master lifestyle change. During the many years I have been a clinician providing primary care, I have continued my quest for training and advanced methods to help my patients along the path to better health.

I have received extensive training and board certification by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). I am also certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and have received training in The Bredesen Protocol™. My extensive post-graduate experience as a primary care provider is with local family practice clinics I have managed and operated along with my partner and husband David Olson, MD.

I received my Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Beth-El School of Nursing in 2008. Prior to receiving my advanced degree, I received a baccalaureate degree in nursing in 1994 from Texas A & M Corpus Christi and worked as a Registered Nurse in various roles, including direct patient hospital and home care, teaching, and supervision of nurses in a corporate capacity.

Why Functional Medicine

Like many of my patients, I too have needed an alternative model for health and found this in Functional Medicine. Several years ago, an intensely stressful period in my life created the perfect storm to develop digestive issues and abdominal pain that was life-changing. Fortunately, my training through the Institute for Functional Medicine prepared me to investigate my personal time-line and apply specialized testing and concepts to understand better what was causing my discomfort. By understanding the pathology, and emotional and physical connection, I was able to create a self-treatment plan and incorporate adjustments to improve my symptoms. I continue on this journey to wellness today. As I have taught many of my patients and close friends, these changes are for life and this is why we call it lifestyle change.

Because of this experience, I understand first-hand the importance of personalized medicine grounded in functional medicine principles. I believe each person has their own story to tell and their own set of issues that requires careful review and analysis by an interested, motivated and specially trained clinician.

My Philosophy of Care

My professional philosophy is that optimal health is born from an understanding and treatment of the root cause of ailments, often arising from multiple stressors in one’s life. The process for finding the “root cause” takes time and a collaborative, trusting relationship with my patients. Solutions are focused on bringing them from imbalance to equilibrium with multi-faceted plans which may include a combination of nutrition, movement, relaxation, meditation, and spirituality. With my compassionate care and support along the way patients are able to make lasting lifestyle changes to optimize their health and wellness.

I have purposely decided to keep my practice small, which means I have time to customize your care, provide test results to you personally, answer questions about your treatment plans, and listen to and validate your concerns. My patients have an easy, direct line to me for questions or urgent matters and enjoy extended visits and communication by video, telephone, text, email, or in person. This health care practice model removes many of the stressors that typically burden patients and providers, and it facilitates true wellness and prevention.

On a Personal Note

I enjoy spending time with family and close friends. With my different way of providing health care, I look forward to having more time for physical fitness, hiking, and relaxation!

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What is Functional Medicine?

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Meet Santina Hayes, Office Manager and Membership Coordinator
Santina Marie Hayes lives in beautiful Ridgway Colorado with her Husband and two adorable daughters. She has worked for Shirley Olson for more than four years as her Office Manager and Bookkeeper and happens to be Shirley’s Daughter-in-Law! Her family recently moved to Ridgway and she is very excited to become a part of this wonderful community and joining Shirley in her new practice. She enjoys camping, hiking and just being out in nature with her family.


Meet Brittany Kunz, LPN, Health Coach – in training!
Brittany has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) since 2014. She has worked with Shirley Olson since 2015 and is currently adding to her professional credentials by pursuing a certification for Health Coach. She is looking forward to becoming a Health Coach as she enjoys a healthy lifestyle personally and looks forward to helping individuals with nutrition and strategies to improve their health.Brittany is a Colorado Native. She has lived in Ouray County for most of her life and is married with 4 children. She is active in the Ouray community being the Assistant Head Coach for Ouray Girls Varsity Basketball team, and helping the local Volunteer Fire Department, that her husband is a member of. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking, softball, basketball, and doing all these things with her family and friends.


Meet Alex Ganskow, NCSA Certified Personal Trainer
Alex Ganskow began his fitness journey when he joined the Colorado State Patrol in 2006. At the end of 2007, he fell off the bandwagon and let his physical and mental fitness slip. Weighing in at a staggering 260 pounds, a flight of stairs left him winded. At the age of 23 he decided to make a drastic change. Once upon a renewed fitness journey he became a Fitness Advisor for the Colorado State Patrol, along with a Level 1 Kettlebell Certified Trainer through USA Kettlebell Lifting, and International Kettlebell lifting in 2012.Alex continued his progress and completed two Warrior Dashes and a sprint triathlon. In 2012 a serious accident on duty caused multiple health issues for him, and his fitness level waned. The road to recovery began with completing a backpacking trip to Havasu Falls and a Tough Mudder on Snowmass Mountain. He has never looked back since those times and finds his new adventure of personal training exciting and eye opening at the same time. Easy Day Training was born through an idea with a passion, and a desire to help people. Easy Day Training came to fruition July 2015 after Alex became a certified personal trainer through the National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA). He completed his B.A. in Kinesiology from Colorado Mesa University December 2015.