Ridgway Center for Whole Health provides a high-quality affordable health care option for Patients and Employers!

Employers benefit from Direct Primary Care. Employers of large and small organizations are calling Direct Primary Care a win-win for their employees! “Studies show that patients enrolled in DPC practices have 59% fewer ER visits, spend 30% fewer days admitted to the hospital, are referred to specialists 62% less often, have 65% fewer radiology exams, and 80% fewer surgeries.” BenefitsPro. This is accomplished by shifting from a volume-based model to a patient centric, personalized approach model.

Ridgway Center for Whole Health saves employee time which increases employee productivity:

According to research conducted by the American Journal of Managed Care, “Time spent seeking healthcare represents a burden to patients, lost productivity to employers and society, and a potential inefficiency within healthcare systems.” They found that “mean total time associated with medical visits was 121 minutes, 37 minutes of which was travel time and 84 minutes of clinic time. In comparison, reported face-to-face physician time was only 20 minutes.”

Am J Manag Care. 2015;21(8):567-574

RCWH Benefits include direct availability and significant cost savings:

Availability – You receive direct availability to your provider of health care via one hour clinic visits, HIPAA compliant texting, calls, video visits, and messaging via a patient portal throughout the year.

Small Practice Model – Our small practice size enables us to make you feel like our number one priority.

Cost Savings – Our model provides individuals and families with significant savings through the many services that are included in one low monthly fee.

Please contact Shannon at (970) 626-6026 to discuss how your company or organization can offer Ridgway Center for Whole Health to your employees.

Americans are experiencing significant problems due to high deductibles that discourage them from seeking health care, or no insurance due to personal budget constraints.