When you come for a consultation, we will request your records of recent lab work and imaging studies. If you have not had any recent lab work, we will ask you to have some basic laboratory testing drawn and depending on your individual needs, labs or imaging specific to you will be ordered.

In-House Testing and Procedures Offered:

Dermatology Screenings · Minor Surgical Procedures · Skin Neoplasm Biopsy / Removal · Laceration Repair · Cryo-Therapy · Body Composition Analysis · Vision Screening · Blood draws · Urinalysis · HA1C · Lipid panel · Strep · Glucose · EKG · Food Sensitivity Testing · Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis · Complete Hormone Testing · Comprehensive Testing for Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies · Organic Acids · Toxic Chemical Profile · Heavy Metals, and much more.