Shirley Olson

Patient focused personalized medicine practice.

Shirley Olson | Patient Focused Personalized Medicine Practice

I've Always Practiced In The Way I See Best For My Patients...

10 Things I Believe

    Like many of my patients, I too have needed an alternative model for health and found this in Functional Medicine…Because of this experience, I understand first-hand the importance of personalized medicine grounded in functional medicine principles. I believe each person has their own story to tell and their own set of issues that requires careful review and analysis by an interested, motivated and specially trained clinician.

    My professional philosophy is that optimal health is born from an understanding and treatment of the root cause of ailments, often arising from multiple stressors in one’s life…With my compassionate care and support along the way patients are able to make lasting lifestyle changes to optimize their health and wellness.

        I have purposely decided to keep my practice small, which means I have time to customize your care, provide test results to you personally, answer questions about your treatment plans, and listen to and validate your concerns. My patients have an easy, direct line to me for questions or urgent matters and enjoy extended visits and communication by video, telephone, text, email, or in person. This health care practice model removes many of the stressors that typically burden patients and providers, and it facilitates true wellness and prevention.

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